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If you wait until the last appliance is plugged in and the last brush of paint is applied before you start selling the property - you waited too long!

Let our marketing program bring brokers, builders, developers, and rehabbers qualified AND approved buyers for your properties whether complete or not! Ask about us getting you 50 separate buyer leads!

Also ideal for marketing relocation and international properties!
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Your Solution For Selling / Marketing Properties Before They Are Ready!
+ Sell Houses / Units Weeks Prior to Completion To Qualified AND Approved Buyers !

+ Reduce or Eliminate Model Home and Staging Costs Every Time!

+ Market Relocation & International Properties!

NEW: Get 50 to 100 "FREE" Buyer Leads!
+ Bring Approved Buyers To Builders & Developers Before Your Competition!

+ Obtain Exclusive Builder Listings!

+ Buy / Market Relocation & International

+ Buyer / Seller Seminars, Home Shows!

                As low as $50 per month !
+ Show "Before & After" Simultaneously!

+ Allow Instant Design Choices For Buyers!

+ Attract More Partners & Investors!

+ Save Travel Time For Your Clients!
"My buyers love being able to see exactly what their home would look like and be able to commit weeks ahead of time!"
Ask about our marketing support! We'll create, promote, partner, and staff special events for your buyers, sellers, builders, developers, agents, brokers, investors, rehabbers.

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Same Kitchen - Different Settings
"You can do more with our Virtual Reality For Real Estate experience than you could if you were standing inside the actual property!" See how....
Builders and Developers can sell to qualified and approved buyers weeks before each house/unit is ready for move in. The sooner you sell, the faster you can......
Real estate agents and brokers, as well as commercial and leasing agents, generate faster commissions by......
Contractors and Rehabbers can attract more business and show how workers exactly how it needs to look.........
Landlords/Owners can always "show" the property even when the units are full......
Whether looking in a senior living community or for assisted living, seniors and their families no longer need to travel to a property......
Whether you are a potential buyer/renter of a property, a contractor or employer, investor or partner, or a designer, "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" allows you to experience a property in an incredible variety of ways!

What is even more amazing is that the property might not yet be built, completed, or renovated, even though you can experience it right down to the slightest detail.

Our "in person" version allows you to walk (or use a wheelchair or scooter) around as if you were actually in the property even if you are hundreds of miles away. The fact is that you can do more with "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" than you could if you were standing inside the property.

We can include a Control Panel which allows users to change colors or patterns on the walls, floors, and countertops. As a result, you can design or plan an upcoming project, select paint or carpet colors, and much more, while maintaining the exact look and feel of the room or area. (You can see this in the above video!)

Since the "Experience" works anywhere there is electricity and a few square feet to walk around in, the impact is the same whether you are miles away or in the actual room.

Some builders/developers also choose to have their Virtual Reality "environment" available via online conference and/or offline via large screen devices.

The cost of creating a custom property environment varies according to the scope of each project. A typical project saves a builder/developer at least $30,000 in marketing and administrative costs.

Contact us NOW for your FREE estimate. Let's see how much time and money we can save your project!


"Virtual Reality For Real Estate" is another marketing innovation of First In Promotions, a Chicago area based real estate marketing agency founded in 1992.

Our engineers create Virtual Reality "environments" of specific properties (or portions of properties) from blueprints, architectural drawings, sketches, and/or floor plans. Since this is done without us needing to visit the subject property, we can provide this whether or not a property is built, completed, or renovated.

The marketing team has created a number of effective strategies for Lead Generation for our clients, whether they are real estate builders, developers, brokers, rehabbers, contractors, or investors.

First In Promotions has served hundreds of residential and commercial agents and brokers, builders/developers, investors/rehabbers, lenders, and many others who are part of the real estate community.

Other services are also geared toward getting real estate transactions done. These range from branding and content for blogs, social media, and web sites to custom workshops/seminars to Feasibility Studies and sales/operations manuals.
Send Us Your Blueprint, Sketch, or 3 D Model of Your Next (Or Unsold) Project, and We'll Show You Your Savings!