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"You can do more with our Virtual Reality For Real Estate experience than you could if you were standing inside the actual property!" See how....
Residential builders and developers can now utilize "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" to sell their properties before they are built, completed, or renovated to qualified and approved buyers without needing a model home, sales trailer, or for buyers to come to the site.

Suppose you just broke ground on a multiple unit house, condo, or apartment development. Until now, you might hurry the first house or unit so that it can serve as your model home while you begin construction on more houses/units. In some cases, builders like to allow buyers to be able to choose paint colors, flooring, and other options they make available.

However, if, for example, the model home has white walls, and you want to allow buyers to have beige, yellow, or light blue painted walls, all you could do is show them small samples of the different colors. Hand held samples do not allow them to choose without seeing exactly how it would look, even after having traveled to the model home.

Quite often, homes (or units) do not sell until after completion, making it too late for custom selections.

However, as soon as the final brush of paint goes on or the last installed appliance is plugged in, and the home is considered as "ready", the clock is already running for the builder/developer.
Until or unless each unit is sold (or leased, rented, etc.), the builder/developer is responsible for costs such as property tax, maintenance, security, and (in most cases) landscaping. That does not include interest on a possible mortgage loan, construction loan, or other form of project financing. For a large development, these costs can easily run into thousands of dollars each month as houses/units sit empty.

Those costs do not take into account a sales trailer, one or more sales representatives, outside advertising and marketing, and the impact of not receiving thousands, if not millions, of planned on dollars for the sales.

This is the reason that some builders/developers know to offer discounts, sometimes 5% or higher, for buyers that commit and close prior to the "ready" date on a property. They know that if a house or unit goes unsold for months that the interest on the "lost" revenue, along with absorbing the monthly expenses and advertising/sales costs could easily outweigh the early bird discount.


The "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Experience is designed with this in mind. An "Environment" for the property is produced using blueprints, architectural drawings, enhanced photos, and square footage. Appropriate virtual staging is included, such as furniture, fixtures, countertops, window dressings, closets, and more. Specific room colors, floor patterns or carpet, and cabinet styles are chosen by the builder. Since no visit to the property is necessary, the "Environment" can be ready to help sell the property whether ground has broken or not, and whether or not the property is completed.

As a result, a builder, developer, rehabber, or contractor can showcase a specific property weeks or months prior to the "ready" date!

Significantly, a specific property can be shown to potential buyers without them needing to travel to the property or a builder sales office. The "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Experience can take place in a real estate office, retail location, conference center, or almost anywhere else with electricity and a few square feet for "walking through" the property. The Experience is the same whether a block away from the property or thousands of miles away.
For custom builders and builders who allow the buyer to make color and pattern selections if they purchase early enough, the ability for buyers to choose and compare specific available colors, patterns, and fixtures ahead of time is unsurpassed. In person, a potential buyer seeking a choice of colors sees the room in one color and can only look at hand held samples to compare. With "Virtual Reality For Real Estate", a potential buyer from miles away can literally experience the same room and contents with a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.


This amazing technology allows a family of four to all "walk through" the property without needing to travel to it, select desired colors, patterns, and fixtures, and commit to the purchase ahead of the move-in date. The kids could choose the color they want for their bedroom and ask questions as well.

Since the builder can now sell specific properties from virtually anywhere, this reduces or eliminates the need for a model home or unit and additional staffing. By selling some or all of the houses within a subdivision or units within a building in advance, the builder saves the cost of maintenance, electricity, heat, water, and security. And, of course, there might be monthly mortgage, financing, and/or construction loan costs for as long as a home is vacant. This is in addition to lost interest from houses or units sitting vacant for months which delay the revenue flow to the builder.

Typically those monthly costs run into thousands of dollars, especially for developments or buildings with at least 20 units. This is how the typical savings for a builder amounts to more than $30,000 per development or building, which is way more than the cost for the Environment to be produced.

With "Virtual Reality For Real Estate", the purchase of a custom environment includes marketing support and strategies, and a pre-determined number of potential buyer leads for the property as produced by an outside marketing agency. The marketing agency also provides one or more mortgage lenders ready to qualify and approve potential buyers in many situations, as requested by the builder or representing broker.

Builders can market their properties directly and/or honor buyers brought to them by real estate agents whether on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

The cost to produce a "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" custom Environment varies according to the size and density of the property, although the builder (or developer, contractor, etc.) will also see their likely savings along with their free estimate. A typical Environment is ready from 21 to 42 calendar days from the signed contract and includes final approval. Even if a property is across the country or overseas, the cost remains consistent, since the Environment can be presented anywhere in the world.

Written by Dave Kohl
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