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"You can do more with our Virtual Reality For Real Estate experience than you could if you were standing inside the actual property!" See how....
How "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Helps
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Location location location is a big factor for agents whether working with potential buyers or sellers. Home buyers have their own set of reasons for preferring a specific location. It could be a cul de sac, school district, most affordable convenient area, near transportation, waterfront, gated community, remote, or any of a number of other reasons.

Before "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" came along, agents needed to show the home at the specific 'location' in order to get the sale to a qualified and approved buyer. Now, a potential buyer can pounce on their ideal 'location' for a new home, make specific color, flooring, and fixture selections, and get financially qualified and approved before the home is built, completed, or renovated.

Many subdivisions and condo buildings have the one or two homes that are likely to sell first, whether due to the best waterfront view, proximity to the golf course, the entry to the complex, a penthouse, or the lowest available pricing. Some builders and developers offer "pre sale" discounts of thousands of dollars in order to get their properties partially for completely sold out before officially opening.

Agents representing these builders can have "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" work in their favor toward selling the premium properties as soon as possible, possibly months ahead of schedule.
An "Environment" is created for specific properties to scale from builder provided blueprints, architectural drawings, floor plans, and square footage, and can easily be completed without needing to visit a the subject property.

Thus, the property does not need to exist in order to "show" in detail and sell. The cost of creating each Environment is determined by factors such as the size and scope of each property. In most cases, builders actually save at least $30,000 from having this done.

There is a program available for agents to commission a "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Environment on behalf of a builder or developer in order to get the jump on earning commissions ahead of other agents who need to wait until the property is completed and only do so at the location.

This concept is especially helpful for relocation or international properties, as well as for seasonal homes because of the significant reduction in travel time.

Selling homes ahead of schedule is only one advantage this technology brings to real estate agents.

Along with enhancing their working relationships with builders and developers, agents also benefit from the unprecedented feedback and input they receive from their potential buyer clients.

For high end properties, it is often worthwhile for a group of agents to partner and commission one or more local "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Environments on behalf of local builders they work with. As many as six agents can partner and share in the use.

Suppose a group of six agents commission an Environment for a home within a new subdivision with 20 houses available, whether under construction or built, which are priced at an average of $400,000 each. The first commission each agent generates more than covers his/her share of the cost.
Once the subdivision is sold out, this group may be able to easily modify their Environment and continue to utilize the technology to generate more leads and faster commissions.

By doing so, if a potential buyer is not interested in the featured subdivision, the participating agent retains the potential buyer, along with valuable information about the buyer's needs.

Because a potential buyer experiences a specific property, including walk around totally immersed wearing a comfortable headset, from any location in the world the agent chooses, the agent sees exactly what each potential buyer is looking for every second, while the buyer has no idea.

For example, while visiting an open house, a potential buyer may dislike the wall color or how a kitchen countertop is too limited, but not mention it to the agent. With "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" the agent can see when a potential buyer turns away, spends more time exploring one room vs. another, chooses a certain available wall color or floor pattern, and so on. Whether or not the potential buyer comments.

Of course, one of the reasons that some agents hold open houses and take clients to several showings is to gather reaction and be able to zoom in on the potential buyer's preferences. Most agents will tell you that potential buyers do not always provide sufficient feedback, which adds to the challenge of the agent toward finding the right property.

The ability for the agent to gather this research without the client being aware is huge, just as the time and effort is for all concerned.

When everything falls in to place for a potential buyer because of "Virtual Reality For Real Estate", it can lead to a committed buyer weeks before the property is ready. If it does not, an observant agent will gain information helpful to find another property fitting the client's needs more quickly.

Either way, the result is a "faster" closing and commission for the agents.

Written by Dave Kohl
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