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Same Kitchen - Different Settings
"You can do more with our Virtual Reality For Real Estate experience than you could if you were standing inside the actual property!" See how....
How "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Helps
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"Virtual Reality For Real Estate has shortened our sales cycle by months!"
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The more doors you have available for renters, whether apartment buildings, multi-family, or houses, the more units you need to keep occupied. Quite often having even one unit unoccupied is critical to the monthly cash flow.

When you have an upcoming vacancy, showings for potential new renters can often be a challenge. The renters that gave their notice are in the process of packing up and have boxes in the living room and clothes all over the bedroom while they begin the packing process. As the landlord, you might be planning on simple maintenance such as painting, carpeting, or upgrades prior to the next tenant in order to make this unit more attractive. Your other units are also occupied.

As a result, it is a challenge to show a unit to your next potential occupant.

With "Virtual Reality For Real Estate", potential tenants can experience an actual unit without having to travel to your property. What they experience will always be the unit at its best.

A potential renter simply puts the headset on and can "walk around" the apartment, taking a look at every room, shown to scale and from eye level. They can walk into the closets, turn around, and know they can reach the shelves. They can see how much room they will have on the kitchen countertops and in the cabinets. They can explore the master and the kids' bedrooms, going as far as being able to see what the exact room would like with different color paint. (If you allow them the option of painting at their own expense, of course.)
Because their "Experience" shows from eye level, a taller or shorter person can know for sure about their ability to negotiate entrances to rooms and reach shelves before moving in. A person confined to a wheelchair or needing a walker can have the exact experience moving through the "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Environment from eye level and be able to negotiate corners and furniture.

Your custom "Virtual Reality Experience" can be an entire typical apartment or house, or it could be an assortment of rooms.

For example, suppose you have 50 apartments in your complex (or separate locations) which are similar in style but with anywhere from one to three bedrooms. You could, instead, have an Environment created with six rooms. These would be three bedrooms (to show the difference between the Master bedroom, the 2nd, and 3rd bedrooms), two bathrooms (to show the Master bath and the other one), and the kitchen. Landlords, of course, have their choice of rooms or units to be included.

When a potential renter wants to see a one bedroom, you have them "walk through" the master bedroom, and then on to the bathroom and kitchen so they can experience what they would have. When someone comes in for a two bedroom, you can have them "experience" the Master and second bedroom, as well as the two bathrooms.


Of course, the entire family can each get their turn to "walk through" and experience the property. Even the kids can check out what their bedroom will be like and where they can reach. Those seeking a three bedroom apartment get to experience all three bedrooms, and so forth.

One huge advantage for landlords to have "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" available is that they can always show a unit, even when their property is full or when an available unit is not fit for showings.
You can also think of this like corporations having their Human Resources people accepting resumes "for future openings". Since you can always be "showing" your units, you can easily establish a waiting list and not have to worry about any units being vacant any longer than necessary in between tenants.

However, this is not necessarily the biggest advantage you gain with this system. The fact that you can "show" your rentals from virtually anywhere on the planet has tremendous implications for your marketing.

Potential renters can drive by the property at any time and become familiar with the community as they see fit. Perhaps they have already done so before they come to "experience" your available rental.

The complete "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Experience can be performed anywhere there is electricity and a few square feet of area for walking around. You could use a building office at the property, a real estate office miles away, or a sales office or property manager office anywhere you like.

In addition, the "Desktop Version" of your Environment can be made available on specified Laptop devices, allowing you and/or a building representative to do a "walk through" by Laptop at any place and time around the world.

There are instances in which your "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Environment of specific rentals also comes with an additional Lead Generation marketing plan to generate potential rentals for your specific properties.

If or when you have your doors completely rented or leased for the long term, and are moving on to a different large apartment or group of houses, you can have your Environment modified toward the new project for a fraction of the cost of your initial Environment.

Meanwhile, landlords and investors seeking further growth of their rental portfolio have additional uses for their "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Environment at no additional cost.

Your "Experience" can also be structured to be presented to potential investment partners and/or commercial lenders to show the abilities your company has such as rehabbing, decorating, interior design, and special construction.

Landlords, rehabbers, and investors are eligible to receive a free estimate on the creation of a "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Environment for their property, whether it is already in use, under construction, or in the advance pre-construction stage. Either way, you can have your tenants ready for each rental well before their move-in date.
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