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Same Kitchen - Different Settings
"You can do more with our Virtual Reality For Real Estate experience than you could if you were standing inside the actual property!" See how....
Finding Senior Communities & Assisted Living With "Virtual Reality For Real Estate"
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"Virtual Reality For Real Estate" is about to serve seniors, whether looking for a home for retirement or needing assisted living, like never before, reducing stress and saving time.

This process of finding the most suitable residence can also have family (and any other decision makers) more involved in the selection process. A distant location no longer has to be an obstacle.

Seniors ready to retire, or with a preference to relocate to a 55+ community, are often faced with several challenges to find the best place for their needs. They may wish to move to be closer to the grandchildren or other family and friends. It could be because they want a home which does not have stairs to climb, maintenance to be performed, and/or allows the lifestyle and activities they are seeking. It could be the desire to relocate to a warmer climate from hundreds of miles away.

Many "local" senior living communities are located well outside of metropolitan areas, often one hour or more from a busy downtown. Others might be hundreds of miles and hours of driving time away. Under either circumstances, family members may not have the hours needed for long drives back and forth and especially for flights to other cities in order to explore a senior community.
This is where "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" comes in. Builders and developers of these senior communities create an "Environment" which is built to scale of their specific property. The "Environment" is custom produced from blueprints, architectural drawings, floor plans, square footage, and with other considerations such as exact waterfront, mountain, or skyline views where applicable.

A potential buyer simply puts on a comfortable headset, grabs a controller, and can "walk" through a specific property as if they were actually standing inside. However, the "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Experience can take place in a nearby real estate office, retailer, or any business facility chosen.

This amazing technology allows a user to experience the actual property at eye level, and see the rooms from floor to ceiling in all directions. You can actually do more with this than you could if you were standing inside the property.

The impact this has on seniors seeking a new residence is significant. In addition to being eye level, a user can move through the property at typical walking speed and reach to where cabinets, shelves, and tables actually are.

For example, if the husband is 6' 2" and the wife is 5' 2" in height, they can each be sure they can reach all shelves in the kitchen at any time using this system. If an individual is in a wheelchair, he/she will experience "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" from eye level, both while moving through the property and while reaching for shelves, tables, and fixtures such as countertops.

As amazing as it sounds, someone in a wheelchair can actually roll through and negotiate as if they were inside of the actual property, and make sure they can reach everything they will need to, just as easily as someone being able to walk around.
For example, a senior couple currently living in Chicago could bring their grown children and any other possible decision makers, and use "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" to experience a unit in a senior lifestyle community on the west coast of Florida while minutes away from their current home or location. No need for days of driving or hours of flying to see a property and not being able to have trusted family members along to help.

                                           EXPERIENCE VIRTUAL REALITY FOR REAL ESTATE FREE AND EASILY

There is no cost for this "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Experience, as builders and developers absorb these costs in order to be able to showcase their unsold homes to thousands more potential buyers than previously possible.

Those needing assisted living or senior care facilities have the same opportunities. The ability to "experience" a home or room without needing to travel takes on added significance when decisions can be made without having to transport a wheelchair bound or physically challenged individual long distances.

Since "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" is portable, the builders (or authorized representatives) can physically bring the setup to senior centers, rehab facilities, (temporary) nursing homes, and other locations where seniors easily gather. Of course, family members and all concerned, also will have the opportunity to put the headset on and experience the property as well.

"Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Environments are available whether or not a home is built or completed, or if the property has been in existence for years. The featured property or properties can be physically located anywhere.

What this means is that finding your retirement home or living facility, regardless of how close or far away it is located, can take minutes and involve more family members in the decision process. That is a nice reality!

Written by Dave Kohl
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