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FIRST IN Interactive Virtual Staging
FIRST IN Advance Renderings
Advance RENDERINGS For Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Mixed Use
Architects and Interior Designers, Builders & Developers:

Let a FIRST IN Renderings Series bring your vision and ideas to life while still in the planning stages!

Interior, Exterior, Residential, Commercial, Mixed Use!

Whether you need our minimum of 3 or an entire series of ideas, our tech team can turn your designs into high quality renderings such as these!

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"I love these renderings for helping my buyers compare kitchens. Doing this has literally saved me thousands of dollars I used to spend on staging!"
"Having these created ahead of time is ideal for showing my investors, contractors, and lenders exactly what I have in mind!"
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Renderings packages from $600 to $5,000.

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FIRST IN Renderings Packages Now Available!
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Can also be used in conjunction with our Virtual Reality Tours AND Virtual Staging!
Save Time & Money With FIRST IN Interactive Virtual Staging - Whether Online, At The Property Or Sales Center !
Enable Your Potential Buyers / Tenants To Choose Specific Furniture, Colors, Patters, Fixtures For Each Interior or Exterior Room or Area
Potential buyers/tenants can do so much more with FIRST IN Interactive Virtual Staging while visiting the property or your sales center!

With traditional staging, every time a potential buyer does not like the wall color, all you can do is show them a photo or a few inches of a sample. With our Interactive Virtual Staging, they can click on a variety of colors and experience the actual room until they find the wall color they like best!

Itís the same with the flooring. Whether they prefer hardwood floors, tile, or carpeting, they can experience the same room(s) and directly compare each look.

Same with furniture. You can provide a variety of furniture styles which work well in each featured room to help them better visualize living (or working) there. (We will work with your preferred interior designer, if you prefer, at no extra cost.)

You have the ability to provide the exact colors, patterns, and furniture styles to appear within each featured room. Or, if you prefer, our design team will assist you with finding the best choices for your approval.

For example, with traditional staging a potential client would ONLY see the light blue walls, light colored carpet, and traditional furniture. With FIRST IN Interactive Virtual Staging, that same potential buyer can experience each room with white walls, hardwood floors, and modern furniture. And keep changing it around, on the spot, until they find their desired combination!

The more easily they can see themselves living there, the better your chances for the sale or lease!
You donít have to pay to purchase or rent specific furniture to show exactly what it would like in your actual rooms, which are created to scale. This also eliminates moving expenses, along with possible storage costs when not in use.

Suppose you have one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom units available for lease or for sale. Traditional staging costs for all three units could easily cost in the vicinity of $10,000. Our Interactive Virtual Staging typically costs at least 20% less as a one-time cost. You then eliminate moving and storage costs along with the perils of wear and tear.

If renting, and you lease all of your homes or units for six months or one year, you will eventually have upcoming vacancies. Now, you would simply continue using your Interactive Virtual Staging. No more having to rent or move furniture over and over again, which reduces your cost of securing future tenants!

You save more time since you donít have to constantly coordinate moving, storage, and replacing of furniture and other items you would use for traditional staging.

More importantly, potential buyers/tenants save time, and will have you to thank for it!

Whether they come to the actual property or to your sales office, they save time by not having to wait for or go through sample books or log on to examples on web sites.

Our Interactive Virtual Staging is custom designed to save you time and money!
Our service also includes your ability to access analytics from each user, while they won't know. With traditional staging, you may not get so much as a comment when a potential client looks at the flooring.

Knowing which color(s), patterns, furniture, and fixtures are the more popular choices helps you to market the current and future properties. Our analytics show you the amount of time spent looking at each choice and which choices were (and werenít) selected.

Since you can change and update your Interactive Virtual Staging, you can take out the less selected items and experiment with changes throughout your sales or leasing process. You (as our client) would be the only one to have access to this information.

Agents and brokers can use the analytics in their favor when working with other properties as well. Remodelers and contractors can use their analytics as part of their sales process.
Potential Buyers CHOOSE
What They Want:
Why You Should Hire FIRST IN Interactive Virtual Staging
"This feature is long overdue! No more having to hand a client a piece of plastic and expecting them to make an important decision. I also learn exactly what they prefer!"
Our 80 second video shows you how! Click On Photo Above!