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Yes! Since we provide custom interactive staging and tours, we can do a series of rooms and/or showcase exterior amenities such as a deck, patio, pool area, or garden.

As another example, a developer was constructing a large luxury apartment building with one, two, and three bedroom units available. We completed a tour of all three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and the kitchen for a six room spread. Potential tenants seeking a two bedroom unit did not need to “tour” the third bedroom.
Can we only show the exterior?
Yes! We love creating exterior tours to scale for both residential and commercial. Often times common areas such as access from parking, building entrances, deck or patio, rooftop, integration of solar panels, windows and siding, and other amenities are important points for potential buyers or tenants.
How and when do potential buyers / tenants experience the property?
Potential buyers/tenants are able to “experience” your Interactive Virtual Staging upon your final approval. Our tech support team provides your custom link to the already hosted tour which you can place on all appropriate websites and social media outlets. Per your specifications, we can also provide "programmed" portable goggles for potential buyers to experience whether at the property site, in your sales office or retail location, within their current residence, or anywhere you like!
Can multiple potential buyers / tenants "tour" simultaneously?
Yes! An unlimited number of potential buyers/tenants can be on your online custom Staging or Tour at the same time from anywhere in the world!

Every "user", whether online or at the property or your office with goggles, can select color, flooring, fixture, and furniture choices. You receive full analytics on each user, so that you know what their biggest preferences are, and can adjust your sales process accordingly!
Can I find out which wall colors, floor patterns, and furniture they like best?
Hell YES! We have had some brokers tell us that our Interactive Virtual Staging is worth the money for the analytics alone! Potential buyers or tenants have no idea that you will know which room(s) you looked at the longest or which flooring you chose over others. When you learn the preferences of hundreds of "viewers", you can change the selections and change your sales approach.

Builders and brokers typically could not get this time of direct feedback until now. You can choose to access your analytics regularly, or you can have our Marketing Team deliver scheduled reports.
How do potential buyers / tenants "tour" more than one level of the property?
Easily! Don’t worry. There is no actual climbing of steps in our tours. This is something we address during the preparation process. We could set it so that the “user” simply chooses which level at the start. We have also set it so the “user” gets on an elevator and chooses which level they want. He/she opens the elevator door and then tours the floor or level they chose.
Are we able to showcase "behind the walls", rooftops, or other areas?
Yes! There are times when showing the placement of an HVAC system, the integration of solar panels, or access to common areas are important buyer or tenant considerations. Even if the property is completed, they still can’t easily walk through walls or around the roof. Our custom tours make it possible. This feature has also been used to help contractors and installers with placement and training concerns.
What about specific waterfront or mountain views from upper floors?
Yes! You can showcase specific views from any height or location for properties anywhere in the world. If you need to show a 30th floor ocean view AND a 5th floor view of the plaza from the same property, we can do that as well. We can take a high quality photograph and include it. We have also used a drone to shoot from the exact view location when there is no building there yet. We can go as high as you need, along with creating land survey and community tours.
Can we showcase different kitchen, bathroom, and patio styles in each Tour?
Yes! Our custom tours enable you to showcase as many designs of the same room(s) as you need to within a property or property development! Some builders ask us to include different kitchens and baths within the tour to enable potential buyers to choose their preference. Same for kitchen/bath and remodeling dealers.
Who chooses the color, pattern, and furniture selections within each room?
You do! The client has the right to provide our tech team with specific colors, patterns, and furniture choices for each room as desired. In addition, our marketing team also works with interior designers and other professionals to provide choices and enhancements to our tours if and as needed.
After we sell our current Tour properties, can we modify it for new properties?
Yes! In most cases, builders and developers utilize the same or similar styles, patterns, and floor plans for future projects. We can easily perform modifications such as room sizes, adding amenities, revising color and furniture options and views, etc. These are often done for well under half of the original price, even if it serves a larger property or development!
Will our online version of the tour be available for more than one web site?
Yes! Since our tech team hosts and maintains the online version of each tour, you are provided with a dedicated link. Thus, any number of websites, blogs, and social media feeds could all link directly to the tour. You can also place your tour link(s) on landing pages for tracking purposes.

Because we do this by link, our technical facility handles the hosting and tech support. We make sure that visitors can move from room to room, choose among colors, patterns, and furniture choices for as long as they wish. No matter how many websites and feeds link to each Interactive Virtual Staging Tour, as well as how many potential buyers experience the property via portable goggles, you can also access the user analytics.
Can we link our social media posts to specific property tours?
Yes! Any and all social media feeds can link directly to a specific tour. In addition, our marketing team is happy to help with adding suggestions for your posts at no additional cost.
How can we show our Tours at home shows, retailers, expos, and conferences?
We now have multiple ways you can show your tours from anywhere in the world, no matter where the property is located! You can have multiple online sources in use simultaneously, appropriate VR goggles in use, and/or perform laptop or iPad demonstrations. Our marketing team offers free consultation prior to your event to make sure you will be fully prepared.
Are "outside" real estate agents and leasing agents able to showcase our Tour properties?
Yes! This is a big part of the marketing strategies our custom tours provide! A builder can have their tour(s) available through any realty offices or agents it chooses at any time. A broker with an exclusive listing tour can have buyer agents showing the tour(s) to as many potential buyers as possible. Our marketing team can also help with placing tours in retail or service facilities as well.
How many different languages can each Tour be showcased in?
Unlimited! When there is no audio narration provided, the website(s) linking to the tour can be in any language(s). When audio narration is included, it can be recorded in one or more selected languages. This is especially helpful with international properties, since several languages could be used to link to each Tour.
When I pay for a custom Tour, do I own it for unlimited use and for life?
Yes! Upon approval and readiness of a Tour, you, as client, own the tour for as long as you need it and it can be viewed unlimited times from anywhere in the world. However, there may be monthly, quarterly, or annual renewal costs (upon completion of agreed to initial term) for hosting of the Tour online and for viewing via appropriate goggles.
Can an elderly or disabled person take our tours wearing the goggles?
Yes! A viewer wearing the goggles sees the property tour from eye level and can walk or be wheeled around the various rooms on demand and select colors and other choices. (The only exception is if visually impaired.)

For example, a senior could be rolled in a wheelchair and determine reach and negotiating turns within the property while wearing the goggles. At the same time, the person pushing the wheelchair could also be wearing goggles and share directly in the experience. This can be done, of course, without the hassle of traveling to the property.

This feature allows builders, brokers, and leasing agents to bring a Tour to a senior center, rehab facility, or appropriate public gathering and allow multiple users, and their families, to experience the property at their convenience.
My properties are located overseas. Can these tours help me to sell them to U.S. investors?
Yes! Chances are people would not want to travel thousands of miles just to see a construction site. If the property is already completed, our Tours offer more options than a potential buyer would have if standing inside of the property. The Tour could be the reason they decide to travel to close the deal. In addition, the tours allow for family members and investment partners to also share in the process without traveling. Our Tours can be produced for any property anywhere in the world, whether proposed or completed.
How does producing a custom Virtual Reality Tour save us time?
There are numerous ways that our Tours save time.

The seller is able to “show” the specific property to countless potential buyers (or tenants) weeks or months prior to completion.

The buyer or tenant is able to ‘experience’ the property ahead of time, and without having to travel to the property location. They can also see the property with choices of colors, patterns, and furniture in order to visualize their preferences.

A contractor, remodeler, or designer is able to showcase their desired look, while allowing potential clients to explore and suggest specific changes.
Why does a rehabber, contractor, or remodeler benefit from having a custom Tour created?
There are numerous benefits! One example of what we do is a “Before & After” Tour. Suppose the ‘user’ enters a crappy looking living room with damage to the walls and outdated fixtures…..and then “walks” across the hall. Now they enter the same room, but see it freshly painted, with new fixtures and other upgrades making it look like a million dollar room.

You could also have a Tour created with a variety of your successful kitchens, bathrooms, garages, decks and patios, and so on. Show much more than a few photos, while potential clients no longer need to travel to look at properties you have already done.
"A FIRST IN Virtual Reality Tour provides all of the tools you need to get your properties sold or rented weeks before the ready date!"
Builders / Developers
Construction / Contractors
Designers / Architects
"I love the element of advanced virtual staging. Buyers love choosing colors and furniture in each room. They can truly picture themselves living there before they actually visit the homes!"
FIRST IN Virtual Staging is ideal for existing residential (or commercial) properties available for sale or lease for a number of important reasons.

Potential buyers/tenants can do so much more than they could even if they were standing inside the actual property, and without needing to travel to get there!

While each room (or exterior area) maintains its look and dimensions, they can experience it with a variety of colors, floor or carpet selections, and a variety of furniture designs. You, as our valued client, can choose specific colors, patterns, and furniture choices if desired.

At the same time, you save thousands more dollars by not having to rent and move furniture, especially when several homes or offices are involved. Let us show you how much you will save!
How does FIRST IN Virtual Staging Help Sell / Rent Existing Properties?
FIRST IN Custom Interactive Virtual Staging
Does getting Interactive Virtual Staging really save at least $30,000 overall?
Yes! The more houses, units, properties, or offices sold, rented, or leased before the “ready” date, the more money saved. This is why our Tours are most successful when implemented before or during the construction or renovation process. Unsold properties usually require monthly maintenance, security, and utilities costs, not to mention the lack of sale or rental revenue. Add in costs for model homes and/or sales trailers and advertising/marketing the properties. In some cases, mortgage and/or construction loan fees continue. When our marketing team provides a cost estimate for each Tour, we generally include a separate estimate of potential savings well after the Tour is paid for.
If we prefer, can we only show certain rooms or areas of a property?
Custom Interactive Virtual Staging