FIRST IN Custom Interactive Virtual Staging
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A Custom Marketing Solution For Designers & Architects
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Any Property - Any Location Worldwide!
Your property doesn’t have to be built or completed for thousands of potential buyers/tenants to be able to experience it. We have adapted our in-person demo experience using goggles to a new and exciting ONLINE experience. Your property is created to scale, including staging and the ability to experience a choice of colors and patterns. Feature on YOUR website(s) and social media.

Of course, when the time comes, you can also enable countless potential buyers/tenants, investors, contractors, and lenders ‘experience’ your property, built or not, online or via custom goggles. They can do so whether thousands of miles away or at your sales center.

We custom produce residential, commercial, and mixed use properties, whether for sale or for lease, whether local or hundreds of miles away, and whether ground has broken or not!
How Architectural Firms Benefit:
Because we do not need to visit the property site, we can create your custom Interactive Virtual Staging no matter where your property is or is soon to be located. Down the block, across town, across the country, or across an ocean are all the same to us. More importantly, your potential buyers/tenants can experience your property from anywhere at any time, built, remodeled, or finished!

This is ideal for even more than new construction. The retirement home in Florida or Arizona, the winter home in Colorado, the second home in Jamaica, or the villa in Greece can be experienced by potential buyers/tenants in Chicago, NYC, Boston, and points beyond. You can also showcase your designs for a deck, patio, garden, garage, storage shed, and so much more!
Any Property - Any Location - Any Time - Built Or Not!
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                                                                               "BEHIND THE WALLS":

You can show specific details and installation that people otherwise would not see. Potential buyers/tenants could see how the AC/heating system is installed, how solar panels integrate, and various energy saving features. Contractors and installers could see exactly what they need to do and avoid costly mistakes.
We will create your FIRST IN Interactive Virtual Staging for any residential, commercial, or mixed use property of any size and status from anywhere in the world! Interior Designers and Architects
can showcase their design work in more ways than ever before to builders, developers, and brokers!
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Think of us as custom builders. We are happy to provide no cost no obligation estimates based on your needs. Entire house or building, selected rooms, exterior and interior. Options to be able to change colors, patterns, tile, countertops in some or all rooms. Residential, Commercial, Mixed Use. Whether already built, yet to break ground, or anywhere in between. Location can be anywhere in the world.

Send us blueprints, architectural drawings, floor plans, sketches so that the property can be created to exact scale. We factor in the price estimate with the marketplace and projected costs to market and sell/rent the property.

If our estimate does not potentially save a client at least $10,000, we generally will not offer the project.

Our cost estimates often allow room for "partnerships" to share and reduce costs even further when appropriate. For example, we can do product placements, such as placing a logo of a vendor or supplier in return for discounts for you. They may also want to promote the Staging Tour(s) of properties featuring their products to others on your behalf!

You can also expand your marketing reach well beyond your local community!

How Much Does It Cost?

Interior Designers can now utilize FIRST IN Interactive Staging to attract new clients! Having a choice among custom designs with a background of an appropriate home (or commercial or retail) environment allows current and potential clients to do more than if they were standing in an actual property. They can experience YOUR designs against a variety of colors and patterns within actual rooms which are designed by leading local builders!

Suppose your room designs are featured within a local builder’s currently available homes. Chances are a potential buyer will be attracted to your design choices and request your services to furnish their newly purchased property! Even if they don’t purchase the property, chances are they will keep your designs in mind for future reference.

Exterior and Landscape Designers can more easily and more effectively showcase their garden, deck, patio, pool, and garage capabilities within a custom environment.

Now, when you go to visit a potential client, you could bring your goggles and let them do a “walk thru” each room or area while changing your selections against their choices of room colors and patterns. While you could save thousands on staging costs!

You can also gain or enhance relationships with prestigious local builders. FIRST IN Virtual Tours allow for mutually beneficial partnerships between Designers and builders!

How nice would it be to have one or more local builders showcasing your designs to hundreds of potential buyers viewing their homes online OR wearing goggles?

The builder(s) you work with will also like your ability to bring them future business when your clients ask about the property they are seeing your designs in!
Let the builders “experience” your vision for their properties! No need to limit potential clients to pictures or simple renderings when they can ‘experience’ your designs in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns, whether online, in your office, or their office!

Since our tech team creates FIRST IN Interactive Virtual Staging to scale for each property, it can reflect your specific dimensions and angles. No need to create multiple versions of the same property when your current and potential clients can now try and choose among any number of combinations.

Ideally, we can also work with you to build the cost in to your client fees by showing them how they can use their custom FIRST IN Virtual Tour as a sales tool!

While we “design” your Virtual Tour, you can have “designs” on more clients! We can also provide Virtual Staging - and allow your clients to see your vision with different colors, patterns, & furniture!
"They can experience my designs more easily than when they had to travel to a showroom. This is the most amazing marketing tool that I have seen in years!"
"I have 'designs' on getting my selections into tours by the local builders. Potential buyers keep asking who chose the furniture!"
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