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The Agent / Broker Solution For Selling & Marketing Properties Before They Are Ready!
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Any Property - Any Location Worldwide! Completed Or Not!
Your property doesn’t have to be built or completed for thousands of potential buyers/tenants to be able to experience it. We have adapted our in-person demo experience using goggles to a new and exciting ONLINE experience. Your property is created to scale, including staging and the ability to experience a choice of colors and patterns. Feature on YOUR website(s) and social media.

Of course, when the time comes, you can also enable countless potential buyers/tenants, investors, contractors, and lenders ‘experience’ your property, built or not, online or via custom goggles. They can do so whether thousands of miles away or at your sales center.

We custom produce residential, commercial, and mixed use properties, whether for sale or for lease, whether local or hundreds of miles away, and whether ground has broken or not!
How Your Buyers AND Sellers Benefit:
Because we do not need to visit the property site, we can create your custom First In Interactive Virtual Staging Tour no matter where your property is or is soon to be located. Down the block, across town, across the country, or across an ocean are all the same to us. More importantly, your potential buyers/tenants can experience your property from anywhere at any time, built, remodeled, or finished!

This is ideal for even more than new construction. The retirement home in Florida or Arizona, the winter home in Colorado, the second home in Jamaica, or the villa in Greece can be experienced by potential buyers/tenants in Chicago, NYC, Boston, and points beyond. You can also showcase your designs for a deck, patio, garden, garage, storage shed, and so much more!
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We will create your FIRST IN Virtual Staging Tour for any residential, commercial, or mixed use property of any size and status from anywhere in the world! Whether to reflect your Farm Area listings or working with one or more local builders, earn "faster" commissions while you increase your marketing reach!
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Think of us as custom builders. We are happy to provide no cost no obligation estimates based on your needs. Entire house or building, selected rooms, exterior and interior. Options to be able to change colors, patterns, tile, countertops in some or all rooms. Residential, Commercial, Mixed Use. Whether already built, yet to break ground, or anywhere in between. Location can be anywhere in the world.

Send us blueprints, architectural drawings, floor plans, sketches so that the property can be created to exact scale. We factor in the price estimate with the marketplace and projected costs to market and sell/rent the property.

If our estimate does not potentially save a client at least $10,000, we generally will not offer the project.

Our cost estimates often allow room for "partnerships" to share and reduce costs even further when appropriate. Our RESPA compliant partnerships allow for a group of agents, real estate offices, lender, contractor, builder, and/or other affiliates to share the cost and utilize the benefits and lead generation.

Having an "Environment" that fits more than one property (such as a development of 20 similar houses or a 50 unit condo building) further reduces the budget. For example, your ability to pre-sell 50 units in a condo building with the same "Environment" might cost $100 each - and that is without partnering. It costs you nothing to find out for sure!

How Much Does It Cost?

Whether new or existing properties, your buyers can enjoy their FIRST IN Interactive Virtual Staging to choose how a variety of furniture choices would look with different colors and patterns within a specific property.

Your potential buyers can do this whether online (through your website(s) and social media) or using portable goggles from any location. It makes no difference where they are or where the property is for them to experience this amazing feature.

There are many uses for each Tour you have. Your buyers can explore as many properties as you have access to. Potential sellers can experience what you could do for them as soon as they list with you.

In addition, you can host buyer seminars, whether online or in person, and gather the analytics which only you can use!
Brokers that handle New Construction, work with builders, handle relocations, and/or sell in communities with similar housing styles can all benefit with our Interactive Virtual Staging!

For new construction (and major renovations), this becomes the ONLY way for a potential buyer/tenant to experience a specific property that is yet to exist. They do so online or through the custom goggles experience even if they are hundreds of miles from the property.

Even if a potential buyer can go to the property, they can do more with their Interactive Virtual Staging than they could if they were standing inside the actual property. That’s a guarantee!

They will choose among colors, patterns, fixtures, and furniture. This is the way they can truly envision their furniture and their choices in what could be “their” home. You can receive the analytics from every user!!

Suppose your farm area is waterfront condos. We can do an “Environment” of a typical unit including the balcony and view of the water. You will know which features they look at the longest, which color and pattern choices they prefer, and which room is most important to them BEFORE you show them the best fit!

Let's suppose you are selling a single family home within a new development or condo. This becomes a way YOUR buyer could choose the most desired unit, such as best view, closest to the entrance, or end unit before other agents can show their buyers!

Ask about our Partnership Programs, which can further reduce your costs and/or increase the visibility of your listing to more potential buyers (or tenants)!
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"FIRST IN Virtual Tours are designed to generate buyers for you for any property - anywhere in the world!"