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The Solution For Marketing Senior Active Living & Assisted and Long Term Care Living !
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Any Property - Any Location Worldwide!
Your property doesn’t have to be built or completed for thousands of potential buyers/tenants to be able to experience it. We have adapted our in-person demo experience using goggles to a new and exciting ONLINE experience. Your property is created to scale, including staging and the ability to experience a choice of colors and patterns. Feature on YOUR website(s) and social media.

Of course, when the time comes, you can also enable countless potential buyers/tenants, investors, contractors, and lenders ‘experience’ your property, built or not, online or via custom goggles. They can do so whether thousands of miles away or at your sales center.

We custom produce residential, commercial, and mixed use properties, whether for sale or for lease, whether local or hundreds of miles away, and whether ground has broken or not!
When You Have Multiple Senior Living Locations:
Because we do not need to visit the property site, we can create your custom Interactive Virtual Staging no matter where your property is or is soon to be located. Down the block, across town, across the country, or across an ocean are all the same to us. More importantly, your potential buyers/tenants can experience your property from anywhere at any time, built, remodeled, or finished!

In addition, your team will receive your own analytics at no extra cost! Whether a senior (or family member) experiences your property online or wearing the goggles, their every move is being tracked. Thus, you will know which rooms, amenities, colors, and furniture are generating the most interest!

Any Property - Any Location - Any Time - Built Or Not!
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We will create your FIRST IN Interactive Virtual Staging for seniors to experience anything from active living to assisted living to long term care living before they and their families make important decisions!
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Think of us as custom builders. We are happy to provide no cost no obligation estimates based on your needs. Entire house or building, selected rooms, exterior and interior. Options to be able to change colors, patterns, tile, countertops in some or all rooms. Residential, Commercial, Mixed Use. Whether already built, yet to break ground, or anywhere in between. Location can be anywhere in the world.

Send us blueprints, architectural drawings, floor plans, sketches so that the property can be created to exact scale. We factor in the price estimate with the marketplace and projected costs to market and sell/rent the property.

Our cost estimates often allow room for "partnerships" to share and reduce costs even further when appropriate. For example, we can do product or logo placements within your Tour(s).A moving company or furniture dealer might provide a discount and/or promote your Staging Tour independently. The list goes on. Our Marketing Team is here to help you achieve more sales and/or rentals success!

How Much Does It Cost?

If you have (or are building) multiple facilities, whether in the same metropolitan area or across a region or around the country, FIRST IN Custom Interactive Virtual Staging can do the job for you.

Your sales or leasing team could travel to nursing homes, senior centers, and other places where seniors can wear the goggles and experience your property, ask questions, and prepare for an upcoming move or relocation. They can do so even while using a wheelchair or walker. Or, those who are computer savvy can do so online!

You can reach them before their important decisions are made, and without them having to undergo the hassles of traveling. They can also share with family members.

Seniors wishing to relocate to a warmer climate and/or for specific amenities your facilities offer which are hundreds of miles away. can now "see" everything about your location before they travel!
Seniors now face challenges with traveling which are well beyond physical limitations. Being able to provide First In Interactive Virtual Staging, whether by providing easy to use goggles or online, allows seniors and their grown family members to make important choices together and without travel.

From active living communities to assisted living to long term care and rehab, your reps can help in the decision process without seniors needing to travel or needing to hold off making decisions. Our tours are easily utilized while using a wheelchair or walker from almost any location.

Knowing that they can easily go from room to room or reach their food on the kitchen shelf before they travel could be the difference in securing them as a tenant or buyer!

Whether you are a builder or a leasing manager for a senior living facility, this is the solution to market to seniors by allowing them (and their families) to experience your properties before they travel to your location(s).

Our tech team will design your Interactive Staging to show them how easily they can get around in their home, the view they could have, and the amenities they can use.

Our marketing team will work with you to plan promotional events. We'll help with your sales people being able to bring your property experience to rehab facilities, libraries, and senior centers where seniors are already at.

If you are building, renovating, or opening a new facility, this is the way to get the units sold or rented before they are ready!
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