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"BEFORE You Build It....

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Your Solution For Selling / Marketing Properties Before They Are Ready!
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Same Kitchen - Different Settings
"You can do more with our Virtual Reality For Real Estate experience than you could if you were standing inside the actual property!" See how....
How "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Helps
Contractors and Rehabbers
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"Virtual Reality For Real Estate has shortened our sales cycle by months!"
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Contractors and rehabbers, whether residential or commercial, gain several important advantages when they have "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" ready to work for them. It is easily used to save time and money, increase the bottom line, and attract the best possible investors and/or partners, as well as subcontractors.

There is a lot more to this than the obvious benefit of being able to showcase your expert work to more people in less time. "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" is more than a way to get your next property sold (or rented) before you have it ready. Your custom "Environment" can just as easily be used for training your subcontractors as it can to show potential investor partners your "before and after" for a specific project.


Your "Environment" can be an entire home (or commercial space), or it could be a series of rooms. Most contractors and rehabbers choose going with a series of rooms to show potential renovation clients, or potential buyers of the property or properties.

For example, you choose a 6-room "Environment", which is created directly from your blueprints, architectural drawings, floor plan, square footage, and other details you provide. The rooms could be the "old" and "new" kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Created to scale, we would allow "users" to put on the headset and 'walk around' in the old version of the room. While they do so, you can point out each of the specific problems you addressed.
Next, you have them 'walk' across the virtual hallway and into your "new" version of the very same room to experience all of the improvements you have made. They would notice the larger space, new colors and patterns, different fixtures and furniture, and anything else you have done or are doing to change the look of the room(s) for the better.

This is significantly more than you could show if you were actually walking them through the property!

Being able to demonstrate the improvements you made within a specific property becomes your most effective way to demonstrate to potential buyers what you can do for their current property. The "demo" property used for your "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Environment may now be occupied, thus making it challenging to do a showing to a potential buyer. Or, it could be an hour or more from your potential buyer's location and they might not be willing to travel two or more hours to see you work.

Or, you could use the "Desktop Version" of your Environment on your laptop while at the property with potential buyers or investors. If the property needs to be rehabbed, you could bring it up on your laptop and show them the exact places within the property you will improve and what the finished work will make the rooms look like. If the property you are showing is already rehabbed and ready for move in, you can show your visitors what the rooms looked like before you did your work to improve it.

Ideally, you would use your Environment prior to completion of your upgrade with an eye toward having the property sold (or rented) in advance of the completion date of your project.

Having your custom "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Environment to showcase your work also allows for 'users' to be able to make specific choices about how they want you to perform the work. Choices you can give them include specific paint colors for walls; colors or patterns for flooring or carpeting; and colors or styles for cabinets and countertops.
In the event you have elements of the property to showcase which are "behind the walls" or "underneath the floor", you can just as easily showcase this. Your Environment could show, for example, a special heating/air conditioning system or electrical switches and how they connect throughout the structure, whether or not they will be visible upon completion of the project, and at no additional cost.

As a result, you could show an investor how the property will be energy or technically efficient, while a potential buyer or renter only sees the improvements for each of the rooms.

                                                              BENEFITS FOR POTENTIAL AND FUTURE PROJECTS

In addition to being able to showcase your work to potential buyers and investors for the current or for future projects, your "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Environment(s) can also be used for training your contractors, subcontractors, or workers. They could each put the headset on and be walked through specific instructions as to how and exactly where to install parts and materials for a successful completion of their phase of the project.

The ability to use for training is even more of a factor for high rise and remote locations. Workers faced less risk being shown or trained on installing an exterior ledge on the 30th floor by Virtual Reality than if you had to actually send them up to the 30th floor and assume the risks.

Your ability to showcase your work to potential buyers or renters, possible investor partners, and to present specific instructions to contractors or employees are all available within the custom Environment. Pricing is on a custom basis, and participation partnerships are readily available.

Written by Dave Kohl
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